Human-like compassion, in an app

Through science, kindness, and compassion, the Holly bird guides and supports you in the journey towards health and happiness

Holly Coach AI

Combining Psychology with Technology

The Psychology

Acceptance and commitment therapy
Behavioural Economics

The Technology

Proprietary chatbot
Smart nudging
Machine learning soon
Running on iOS, Android, Web and SMS

Holistic support for both
physical & mental health

Mental Wellbeing

Small Habits Approach

The small habits approach involves making small but consistent changes to our daily behaviours.

Holly Health supports individuals to prioritise, achieve, and sustain new healthy habits across a range of health and lifestyle areas, covering nutrition, relationship with food, sleep, mental wellbeing and movement


Step 1
4 Weeks
Mindset change (short
term to long term focus)
Step 2
8 Weeks
Automatic habits (which you
stop having to think about)
Step 3
12 Weeks and beyond
Sustainable behaviours (there’s no
end to the progress beyond here)